CAVA de Requena

The grapes are gently pressed at no more than 0.5 bars, and we syphon off just the first, superior part of the grape juice in order to be able to achieve the refinement expressed by this Cava de Requena. The grape juice extracted from the press is decanted and left to settle for 24 hours. Following the “ Metodo tradicional” a secondary fermentation takes place  in the bottles and they are kept for 15 months on lees in the darkness of the caves, gaining day by day in complexity, velvety roundness and ultrafine bubbles. In the dosage we use the same wine base, seeking to honor the original characteristics of this cava.

Memorias del Rambam Brut Reserva

100% Macabeo variety

Aged to perfection with delicate pastry aromas, a creamy foam and fine bubbles - a benefit of the long aging - this distinctive cava is a pale yellow color with straw hue reflections. On those nose you will notice the pastry and nut aromas set against a fruit background, while the balanced acidity makes gives it a pleasant palate. 


Alcohol: 11.5%

Dosage: Brut

Total Acidity: 4,74

pH: 3

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