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Ancestral roots. Modern elegance

In the heights of the Valencian region, along the rolling hills of the Utiel-Requena appellation, we organically grow and nurture native, over 100 year-old vines, to make wines that elegantly capture the unique and wild expression of the Land.

This is the land of Macabeo and Bobal, this the land of our ancestors.

Organic Viticulture - Minimal Intervention Wine Making

Viña Memorias wine collection represents the combination of a personal interpretation of the soil, climate and wine region tradition, together with our family’s philosophy and way of living.

Our vineyards, strictly rainfed, are organically treated, cherishing the natural Mediterranean biodiversity. We believe and practice minimal intervention in winemaking. The intimate relationship with our unique, centennial bush-vines, together with a new innovative approach to ancient-traditional winemaking techniques, provide a fresh interpretation of Spanish Mediterranean wines.

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