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Named Memorias del Rambam after Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon aka "Rambam". Famed in Medieval Spain as a philosopher, theologist, doctor and Rabbi, which recommended the moderate consumption of wine for good health. 

MEMORIAS wines are harvested by hand and placed in small crates of 15kg to avoid any damage to the berries themselves. They are carefully selected and gently pressed, ready for a natural fermentation process during which the aromas, color and tannins develop thanks to the yeast presence in the grape skins and seeds.

MEMORIAS Crianza (old bush vines)

100% Bobal variety / 12 months aged in American barrel

Luscious mature fruits, polished tannins and notes of balsamic and vanilla celebrate the harmony between the indigenous Bobal grape from our old bush vines and the barrel aging, between nature and craftsmanship. A smooth and balanced wine, it has polished tannins, giving it a refined and elegant touch. 
Alcohol: 12.5%
Residual Sugar: 1 g/l
Total Acidity: 5.19
pH: 3.65

Memorias del Rambam Crianza by Viña Memorias
Memorias del Rambam Clàssic by Viña Memorias

MEMORIAS Clàssic (old bush vines)

100% Bobal variety

Cherry red color with violet reflections, red and black ripe fruit aromas alongside
blossom notes of the Mediterranean hills. In the mouth, we find an elegant and mature
Bobal with a good acidity that highlights its fruity notes.

Alcohol: 14%
Residual Sugar 1.3 g/l
Total Acidity 5.4
pH 3.4


Memorias del Rambam Rosé Magnum by Viña Memorias

Hand-harvested Bobal grapes are collected from our old bush vines and carefully selected. 

Our Rosé is a the saignée method and produces a bolder rosé wine. The separated wine is then fermented and matured, leaving behind the clear liquid, known for it distinctive lively pink hue.

MEMORIAS Rosé (old bush vines)

100% Bobal variety

Hypnotising pale pink tones with purple iridescence, the wine is fruity and rich on the
nose, reminiscent of red fruit especially ripe strawberry, characteristic of a grand Bobal
rosé. Its aromas give way to a dry and fresh palate, highlighting a fine integration of
acidity and a long fruity aftertaste

Residual Sugar: 1.3 g/l
Total Acidity: 6.1
pH: 3.7

Memorias del Rambam Rosé by Viña Memorias


Memorias del Rambam BLANC MAGNUM by Viña Memorias

Strictly harvested by hand early in the morning to keep the Macabeo grapes cool and prevent them from early fermentation. They are carefully sorted, gently pressed and then cold macerated for 24 hours. From here the juices are placed in stainless steel tanks for fermentation, before spending four months aging on the lees to develop the wine’s structure, mouthfeel and complexity.

Memorias del Rambam Blanc by Viña Memorias


80% Macabeo / 20% Sauvignon Blanc

Elegant visual with a straw yellow hue and light green golden colour. Rich floral nose
with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Dry and crispy in mouth with a balanced acidity
that highlights its minerality and fruity notes ending in a lingering slightly sweet
flavour. Lovely tenderly enjoyable


Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/l
Total Acidity: 6
pH: 3.05

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