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ALENAR by Viña Memorias

"...is to take a deep conscious breath, enjoy the essence of life and share it"

ALENAR ROSADO by Viña Memorias
ALENAR TINTO by Viña Memorias
ALENAR BLANCO by Viña Memorias

This collection represents a fresh Mediterranean style of winemaking, particularly from the Spanish Levante (Valencia). 
ALENAR has been crafted from old bush vines (strict rainfed) in a high altitude terroir.

Vine age: Old vines
Vineyard Training System: Gobelet
Farming system: Strict Rainfed
Soil type: Calcareous-Clay
Altitude: 745m to 767 m
Harvest: Manual / Early morning

Appellation: DOP Utiel-Requena (Valencia)
* Collection available only in Israel 

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Alenar 745 Tinto by Viña Memorias (Label).jpg
Alenar 745 Rosado by Viña Memorias (Label).jpg