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Viña Memorias

Preserving the Heritage

On a land with over 2,500 years of winemaking history, amongst privileged high- altitude
rolling hills and surrounded by breathtaking natural Mediterranean beauty, we founded Viña Memorias. This land, the Protected Designation of Origin Utiel-Requena, lies 70 km inland 
from the city of Valencia, and holds the secrets of our family heritage. We strive to preserve it while re-writing the modern history of wines in our region.

Coming Together

Viña Memorias is the expression of the passion we hold for uplifting our ancestral land, motivated by the family synergy and commitment for excellence. In 2016, we came together from across the world, drawn by the call to honor our heritage and create a meaningful legacy that transcends generations, rooted in a shared love for the land and a passion for winemaking. Winemaking, in an everyday, basic and simple sense, alongside the pleasures of working this land and enjoying exceptional quality local produce, are memories we all share and live by. We believe in nurturing the land and our unique centennial bush vines. We share the love of people, gatherings, food and wine, together with meticulous attention to craft and detail. Viña Memorias brings us together with the goal of representing the best of our land by making exceptional wines.

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The Legacy

Our vineyards are our true identity. Our organic vineyards are made up of old bush vines, some more than 100 years old, and are carefully tended by the finest winegrowers. We believe in taking careful care of the land, and are dedicated to preserving its natural beauty and biodiversity for our wines, for us and for future generations to enjoy.

The Bobal grape, a unique native grape, provides us with singular wines, specially suitable for aging. Another native grape in our wine collection is the white variety Macabeo.

Blending Tradition with Modernity

By using ancient-traditional techniques with a new innovative approach and a minimal intervention winemaking philosophy, the wines are a true expression of our terroir. In the vineyards, traditional work methods are used alongside latest technology to achieve the highest quality control. Our winemaker, Daniel Expósito, creates wines with a distinct identity, crafting the best of our vineyards into the bottle.

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