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A true expression of our terroir. YUNIKKO is the unique selection of Bobal grapes from
our ancestral vines. Fermented and aged in Clay Jar alongside its fruity notes and mineral
nuances capture the complexity and tradition of our wine.

2020 Production:
4796  Standard Edition
30 Magnum Edition

YUNIKKO Magnum by Viña Memorias
YUNIKKO by Viña Memorias

*Dedicated to Gilbert Rigaud (Aix en Provence - FR 1912-2003) a visionary painter of the "crew of Bibemus"

YUNIKKO by Viña Memorias
YUNIKKO By Vña Memorias
YUNIKKO by Viña Memorias

Aging: 14 months in Tinaja (Clay Amphora Jar)
Vine age: Ancestral (prephylloxera)
Vineyard Training System: Gobelet - Very low yield
Rootstock:  Pie Franco (ungrafted)
Farming system: Strict Rainfed
Density per Ha: 1600 vines
Soil type: Calcareous-Clay
Altitude: 745m
Harvest: Manual & Selected - Mid-October

Appellation: DOP Utiel-Requena (Valencia)

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