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Memorias del Rambam

Named Memorias del Rambam after Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon aka "Rambam". Famed in Medieval Spain as a philosopher, theologist, doctor and Rabbi, which recommended the moderate consumption of wine for good health. 

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A true expression of our terroir. YUNIKKO is the unique selection of Bobal grapes from
our old vines. Fermented and aged in clay jar alongside its fruity notes and mineral
nuances capture the complexity and tradition of our wine.

Yunikko - Tinaja (clay Jar)

*Dedicated to Gilbert Rigaud (Aix en Provence - FR 1912-2003) a visionary painter of the "crew of Bibemus"

FINCA ZEREZAL 16 - Centenary vines - Viñ

A single-parcel selection of our ancestral vines from our local Bobal variety. An elegant, an harmonious wine of great aromatic complexity, embracing spicy and balsamic nuances of the Mediterranean hills, culminating in a mellow and velvety experience in the mouth.

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