“Our old vines are the true guardians of our rich story”

     Grand old vines dominate our sweeping vineyards in the D.O.P Utiel-Requena. Following ancient Roman practices, these vines are goblet-trained. Today we combine traditional agriculture with innovative winemaking techniques so we can write our own future in this celebrated wine region.

We are a boutique winery with 18 Ha of vineyards dedicated to excellence, with a controlled production of around 3,000kg/Ha for our youngest vines, and 2000 kg/Ha for our centerary vines. Out of respect for our natural surrounds and with the aim of guaranteeing the excellent quality of the wine, we hand-harvest the grapes, carefully selecting them and placing them in 15kg crates.

With an average age of more than 65 years old and reaching over 100 years old in many cases, our vines are rooted in calcareous clay soils (rich limestone content). We follow a strict rain-fed method, where the precious 450 mm annual rainfall, allows the vintages to express themselves. The 2,800 annually hours of Mediterranean sun bathes our carefully-chosen parcels, mainly oriented towards the south and east.   

A great wine is the reflection of the land that nurtured it, which is why we practice a sustainable viticulture, prioritizing the balance between the ecosystem and the biodiversity of our vineyards. At the same time, thanks to the unique conditions of our terroir, we practise a winegrowing methods free from herbicides and insecticides.