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Our indigenous grapes

"Native Varieties and Local Expression"



The Bobal grape variety is the star of the D.O.P. Utiel-Requena region from where it originates. 


With a vigorous skin and the ability to withstand drought, the vines and their grapes thrive in the dry climate of Utiel-Requena. This blend of Mediterranean and Continental conditions, which may be too extreme for many grape varieties, is one in which Bobal finds itself at home, and has led to Utiel-Requena being declared a Denominación de Origen Protegida. 

The Bobal produces deep and elegant aromas on the nose and even after oak aging, it maintains its intense violaceous red color. You will also enjoy flavors of velvety dark fruit, a good acidity with chewy tannins and moderate levels of alcohol. 

"A potential healthier wine"

In the Bobal variety, as is the case with grape varieties that are thicker-skinned, ​scientific studies have shown that Bobal contains one of the highest levels of resveratrol (powerful antioxidants, with anti-inflammatory characteristics that help the immune system) to be found in any grape variety. It also contains high concentration of  flavonoids (a natural polyphenol that act like antioxidant), both celebrated for the potential health benefits they bring to wine.  


Macabeo grape variety, also known as Viura in La Rioja, is a native Spanish grape variety which finds great expression in the heights of the D.O.P. Utiel-Requena, gently buffeted by fresh breezes from the Mediterranean and warmed by the continental dry climate of La Mancha. 

Naturally abundant in glycerin, this grape, said to owe its name to the Biblical tribe of the Maccabees, makes fresh, crisp dry wines with beautiful fruit flavors.

Old Macabeo Vine, Viña Memorias, Spain.jpg
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